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Between Music

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Between Music create and produce innovative performance concerts in a hybrid of music, live performance, visual arts and new technology. The group masters a huge range of aesthetics, skills and genres, but finds the most potential in the fluctuating spaces between them.


Driven by an endless curiosity and desire to push the boundaries of the human experience – artistically, technically, scientifically - their work explores the driving forces, mechanisms and mysteries of human nature, through a distinctive sound and rich imagery, often with surreal undertones.


Between Music’s creative work involves an international multidisciplinary network of musicians, physicist, engineers, instrument makers, neuroscientists and others, who inspire and ensure the high quality and integrity that characterizes Between Music’s artistic work.


Between Music is currently producing the underwater concert AquaSonic.

Visit www.aquasonic.dk



Between Music is:

Laila Skovmand - Artistic Director, composer, singer, musician, performer

Robert Karlsson - General Manager, musician, performer