Between Music creates and produces unique art projects and innovative performance concerts in a hybrid of music, live performance, visual arts, architecture and new technology. The group masters a vast range of aesthetics, skills and genres, but finds the most potential in the ever-fluctuating spaces between them.


Artistic Framework

Under the heading ARS HUMANA, our  work and artistic research revolves around four aspects of Human Nature: Being, Instinct, Emotion, Intellect. This theme-based research derives from a deep desire to uncover what we have in common as human beings - regardless of religious, cultural and societal differences. Embedded in each of us lies a deep knowledge and experience with the world that transcends boundaries and goes beyond words. ARS HUMANA is our artistic framework for unlocking this intuitive, emotional, and corporeal knowledge.

Creative Approach

The key is to strive for the extra-ordinary. When we experience something out of the ordinary - something unusual or unexpected - our minds do not immediately decipher or categorize it. In that very moment lies a perfect opportunity to experience, sense and perceive the world anew. It is an opening and an invitation to pose questions that allow for ambiguities and intuitive discoveries. 



Art is our tool, our method and our means of expression. But our creative work also involves interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists, artists and craftsmen compelled by the same passion and urge to explore, create and seek opportunities that take us beyond what we think we know. The international collaboration with experts each within their field inspires and ensures the high quality and integrity that characterizes Between Music’s artistic work.

Right to Art

Inspired by UN Human rights article 27, we have created Right to Art. This is not a project or a program, but an overall idea to make our art accessible to more people, and to provide experiences for people who do not have the opportunity to prioritize art enjoyment. Read more here



Laila Skovmand

Robert Karlsson: Innovative Director and musician

Robert Karlsson works with the Danish music ensemble Between Music as the innovative director, co-artistic director and performer.

He received his Diploma Degree in viola and violin at the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark in 2004.


Working in genres ranging from classical music to avant-garde rock and minimalist theater music, Robert Karlsson has created his very own sound and niche as multi-viola player on the Danish music and theater scene.


As innovative director, artistic co-creator and technical developer, Robert Karlsson has an infectious sense of play, invention and discovery.

Laila Skovmand: Artistic Director, composer and performer

The backbone of Laila Skovmand’s artistic work is a boundless curiosity and open-mindedness giving impetus for vocal and compositional inventions.


As a performance artist, singer and composer Laila Skovmand deliberately places herself in the gap between genres and media. From here she investigates the liminal states of human experience in order to question and challenge assumptions and narrowed perspectives.


Her artistic process derives from an intuitive method, combined with the skills of a craftsman and an almost scientific search for new sound and expressive possibilities.






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