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The Reader and the Hero, or How Star-Crossed Heroes Are Born

The condition is that the hero accomplishes the impossible.

Overcoming not only and not so much the circumstances as overcoming himself - his weaknesses and imperfections, his fatigue, despair, grief, unquenchable desires... Overcoming his pride, write my essay for me in 3 hours giving up happiness, peace, and sometimes his own life. Going beyond his measured limit.

Such heroes, it seems, are impossible not to love. Such heroes remind us that "man - that sounds proud" (c). They say: you, the reader, are also a human being. And you too - can and, if need be, will cope with anything. And overcome your impossible.

It's heroes like this that delight and fascinate us. And help us become better - braver, kinder, more reasonable, or, conversely, reckless, honest and humane.

They are college essays for sale the real heroes of the stars. We dream, looking at them, to prove ourselves in tests the same way.

The condition is that the hero must be extraordinary and typical at the same time.

When this condition is met, it is not so much the hero-star as the literary type, which is also well - and usually long - remembered by readers. But it is not always admired. Such, for example, Akaki Akakievich from Gogol's "The Overcoat. Such are the heroes of Chekhov.

And such, dissertation help by the way, are the heroes of "Treasure Island" by Robert Stevenson. The images of his pirates were so charming as well as typical, and in adventure literature and in film still find their "versions". But it's been hundreds of years since the book was published.

New literary types appear even now. For example, in the beginning of zero years in a domestic fantasy with a light hand of Olga Gromyko red-haired and harmful witches riding on no less harmful magic horses, usually coal-black. And the ancestor of this ugliness was Volha Red from the novel "Profession: Witch.

For a star hero to be born, a hero that many, many generations of readers will remember if not to love, at least two of the four conditions must be met. And one of these conditions is always mandatory - the hero must be alive.

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