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After playing the underwater concert AquaSonic more than 50 times on three continents, we  wanted to explore the element even further in our search of the possibilities of playing music under water. Perfecting the sounds, maximizing the abilities of the instruments, and enhancing the compositions. 

We are working on the time-consuming recordings of 8 tracks from the AquaSonic concert and are quite far in the process already. 


Scheduled release of album is in 2025. The album will be released both on digital streaming platforms and physically as an LP.

We would like to focus on sustainability and the relationship to water. Therefore, we are investigating alternative materials for vinyl, as well the possibilities of 3D printing a cover in bioplastic of e.g. shrimp shells or fish waste. 

Sound's hidden journey under Nordic waters

Connected to the album recordings is the project Sound's hidden journey under Nordic waters. A collaboration project between Nordic artists, scientists and corporations, to record and create the first real under water reverb. Read more here

AquaSonic Album

AquaSonic Album

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