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(work in progress)

CHTHONIC is a wild and sensory exploration of human instincts and drives, our reptilian brain and bodily mechanisms. Each of us carry within us some extremely powerful forces over which we have very little control. Fear for instance has the capability of either paralysing us or giving us almost superhuman strength. Fear is essential for our survival, but is also the source of anxiety or irrational aggression towards the unknown.

CHTHONIC is inspired by knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, our defense mechanisms, and the various states of (un)consciousness of the brain. With an anarchic mix of punk energy, electronic dance beats and conceptual experiments it will be in stark contrast to AquaSonic's fluid, drone-like universe. Song lyrics are written and performed in a pre-linguistic "gibberish", focusing on consonants, energy, power and intonation rather than words and meaning. The work revolves around rhythm, pauses, forward aggression and chaotic withdrawal, cf. the body's freeze, fight or flight defense mechanisms.

Collaborators include architects, instrument builders, designers, musicians and neuroscientists, with whom Between Music will undergo human experiments on themselves and use the raw data as foundation for the compositions.

Two instrument prototypes for large instruments are produced so far. See more below. 

Premiere date is not set yet.


Large string instrument

by Andy Cavatorta (US)

String instrument by Andy Cavatorta

Large organ pipes 

by Arno Fabre (FR)

Organ pipes concept

Supported by

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Sonic Arts Research Centre

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