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A project dedicated to


To Whom We Owe Our Lives


Searching for partners:
Artists, scientists, NGO's and institutions
dedicated to water
for upcoming EU application

Objective: Having worked with the water element for almost 2 decades, we have become more and more aware of the geopolitical and climatic problems related to water; scarcity, privatisation, the refugee crisis, pollution, health, injustice, why we feel that there is an urgent need to focus on the world's water. We believe that we cannot do it by rational thinking alone. We believe that it is fundamental to sense and experience a different relationship with water. If we must take care of something, we need a strong connection, respect and love for it.

We therefore want to break new ground and create an EU funded project, where we use art and science to deal with these politically charged topics in ways that go far beyond what we can immediately experience with the intellect.

Project Outline: We want to create an artistic water caravan with a specific focus on interconnectedness between water and peace. Our idea is to take up residence in different parts of Europe to work and engage with local scientists, communities, artists, entities, civil society organizations, NGOs, festivals, venues and other relevant stakeholders for an extended period. Here we will work closely to design a program in which we present our collective water-related projects and curate gatherings, meetings, exhibitions, performances, seminars, talks and workshops. 

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Timeframe: We have begun the research and planning phase in collaboration with an external consultant on Creative Europe project design. We aim to write and deliver an application for the deadline in February 2024. We are aiming for a 3 year project with 6-9 partners from 5 eligible countries:

  • September 2023: Info meeting for interested partners (non-binding)

  • October 2023: Final agreement of partnership

  • October 2023 - February ‘24: Project design and application phase

  • August 2024: Application response from Creative Europe

  • Year 2025: Project year 1 - Research and planning

  • Year 2026: Project year 2 - Testing

  • Year 2027: Project year 3 - Caravan


When we experience something out of the ordinary - something unusual or unexpected - our minds do not immediately decipher or categorize it. In that very moment lies a perfect opportunity to experience, sense and perceive the world anew. To ask new questions and perhaps move away from existing ”truths” that no longer resonate. Our hope is that our profound work with water - both in a concrete and symbolic sense - can generate a new, stronger connection between humans and the water element.    


We are looking for relevant European partners to develop and present the water caravan to Creative Europe. 


We are looking for different types of partners working with water, concretely and symbolically: 

ARTISTIC PARTNERS: Artists who have dedicated their artistic research and practice to water, with their own take on water, who are willing to create a caravan and tour through the project countries, reaching out to and engaging with local communities. 


KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS: Research institutions, universities, NGOs etc. who have an interest in gathering knowledge about the following topics: Water scarcity, pollution, climate, sacred & symbolic water, privatisation of water, water conflicts, peace, the refugee crisis - and who sees things as interconnected and who can convey this to a wide audience, and who can think creatively about how their knowledge can contribute to the caravan. 


SUSTAINABLE TOURING PARTNERS: We are looking for people experienced with sustainable touring, who are willing to join the project to make the caravan sustainable, and to share best practices of sustainable touring with Creative Europe and other European stakeholders. 

DISSEMINATION PARTNERS: Organisations of any kind willing to join the project and design a communication/dissemination/outreach strategy to make sure the project reaches and engages with as many communities as possible in a meaningful way

In line with Creative Europe policy, we are looking to make the project as sustainable as possible.


We encourage anyone interested to get in touch for a non-binding meeting. 


We are looking for partners from North, South, East and West Europe. 


Want to know more? If you are curious about the project and would like to know more, write to Astrid Aspegren and get invited to an info meeting in September -  

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