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Underwater drummer wanted

For the underwater concert
and other projects

Morten Poulsen. Photo by Ambra Vernuccio


Five performers submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom-made instruments and sing entirely underwater. Transformed inside these darkly glittering, aquatic chambers, they produce compositions that are both eerily melodic and powerfully resonant.

AquaSonic is the culmination of 11 years of research into the exciting possibilities of submerged musical performance, breaking barriers and challenging existing paradigms.

AquaSonic has been performed in i.e. Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, Glasgow, Vilnius, Perm, Rotterdam, Mannheim, and around in Denmark. The concert attracts massive media coverage and has reached around 880 million people worldwide through, BBC, ARD, ZDF, CBC, Facebook, radio, newspapers, magazines and more.


AquaSonic is expected to keep touring for many years ahead.

We are now looking for a new underwater drummer

  • You are a professional drummer on a high level. You are educated as drummer and/or have large experience in jazz/pop/rock/afro/alternative.

  • Musically we are looking for someone who can play heavy beats as well as fast, tight figures inspired by electronica.

  • You have a nerd-gene and want to explore sounds in a whole new element, ready to face the (many) involved challenges.

  • You have a lot of experience in nerding drumming technique - since impacts underwater are much more sensitive and need greater precision, than in air,

  • You are physically strong and very endured. Can handle long working days in water.

  • You are able to hold your breath for a long time - or willing to go into intensive breathing technique training.

  • Typically, the tours are 1-2 weeks, but longer tours are also possible - therefore it must be realistic that you have the possibilities and time for this.

  • You should prioritize AquaSonic highly - as we also receive enquiries with relative short notice.

  • You who get the position will be invited to our next concerts in Switzerland in the end of October, to watch the show and be properly introduced to the setup by the current drummer Morten Poulsen. Rehearsals and practicing will mostly be in Aarhus, Denmark, but maybe also abroad in connection with concerts where we are set up in advance.

  • As a musician in Between Music, you will be a part of other future projects, as a new Immersive AquaSonic production, video productions and later on projects that are not in water.


What do you get

  • The opportunity to work with a dedicated and passionate team of musicians, technicians and producers - all of them passionate about exploring new artistic expressions that do not compromise on artistic quality and integrity.

  • A team working with equal pay, where everyone helps with setup and breakdown, preparation for tours, social media, etc.

  • A possibility to play in a lot of different contexts and to tour around the world.

  • This is a freelance position. Salaries are in rates fixed by Between Music.

Deadline: Sep 26

Send us a motivated application, bio and 2-4 videos of you playing.

Auditions will be held October 11-12 in Aarhus, Denmark. 

You will play both under water and on a regular drum kit.


Robert Karlsson

+45 26 21 02 63

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