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Art installation

Breaking the Surface consists of seven art works.

The work deals with the theme of cycle, and is inspired by the old alchemists' thoughts on coherence / systems / cycles.


Each work consists of a film and an accompanying composition. All the films are made under water.

The films produce a universe that is fabulously surreal, populated with people and objects from the "over-water". Something both seamlessly impossible and painfully picturesque, inspired by the Renaissance painters Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Brueghel. Hair, clothes, underwater plants, a large dead fish and eggs thrown into the stream of water in line with the movements of the water.


The colors are both deep, heavy as in Renaissance paintings and fresh, characterised by the element, the water of the lake.

The music in the installations are electronic compositions, based on unique samples from the underwater instruments Between Music has developed. The music moves between the minimalistic, where the essence of the individual underwater sounds is at the center - to more complex electronic numbers based on the AquaSonic music, but the common denominator is tactile and vibrating.


We use the underwater reverb from the project "Sound's hidden journey under Nordic waters" to create a deeper layer to the music. Read more about this project here.