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Freelance light technician wanted

- Light Technician

-All round technician/stage manager substitute (found)

AquaSonic is a 55 min underwater concert by Between Music where five performers submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom-made instruments and sing entirely underwater.

AquaSonic had its world premiere in Holland 2016, is now a viral phenomenon and requested globally. It has been performed for sold out houses in Hong Kong, Sydney, Glasgow, Vilnius, Russia, Norway, Denmark and others.


Between Music works with a dedicated freelance team of musicians and technicians who prioritize AquaSonic in their daily freelance work. 

Between Music is based in Aarhus, Denmark, but it is not a requirement to live nearby. Normally a gig consists of 2-4 concerts in one venue with 2-3 setup days. That is 6-8 days in total. We are also working on creating longer tours, either in one city or connected cities out of sustainable reasons. 


Between Music operates with equal wages for everyone in the team:

Tour: 2000 DKK / €270 per working day. 1500 DKK / €200 per travel day.

Rehearsals/production not connected to gigs: 1350 DKK / €180 per day.

Travel, accommodation and meals are paid.

Upcoming dates:

May 27-June 3. Concerts in Copenhagen, including setup and rehearsal.


AquaSonic is created to keep touring for many years ahead, and we are working on tours globally.

Info light:

The show is coded on cues. It requires good focusing skills. Current light is on ETC. We want to convert our light from conventional lights to LED in the future, but this will be at some point after the concerts in Copenhagen.

Tech rider can be downloaded here 

Contact, application and info:

Robert Karlsson, innovative director and musician, +45 26 21 02 63

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