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Artistic framework

Our work and theme-based artistic research revolves around four aspects of Human Nature: Being, Instincts, Emotions, Intellect. All of which derive from a deep desire to uncover who we are as human beings; our shared origins, our existence, our relationship to each other and to our surroundings.

Embedded in us lies thousands of years' experience with the world, a deep knowledge that transcends time, goes beyond words and dualistic thought patterns. We use our artistic framework to unlock this intuitive, emotional, and corporeal knowledge.

Art is our tool, our method and our means of expression. But to conduct in-depth research on each of these four aspects, it is crucial for us to work closely with researchers, scholars and experts from other fields with different insights and perspectives. Together we are able to address fundamental questions that emerge from the unexplored interstitial space between genres, between art and science, between old comfort zones and new solutions. A space where dualistic thinking gives way to subtlety, curiosity, and wonder.

Visions & Projects
Breaking the Surface
AquaSonic Album
AquaSonic Films
Why sing underwater
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