Drowned Requiem

United4Rescue starts "Drowned Requiem" campaign for fundraising and petition

  • The EU Anthem, Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", becomes an underwater requiem at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea

  • United4Rescue collects donations for "SEA-EYE 4" as new alliance ship 

  • Petition to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

With an extraordinary action the alliance United4Rescue reminds about those people who continue to drown on their escape to Europe. For the campaign "Drowned Requiem" the Danish artist group 'Between Music' plays the European anthem as a requiem on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. The video will be released Europe-wide on November 15th, together with a fundraising campaign for the purchase and conversion of the new rescue ship "SEA-EYE 4". At the same time United4Rescue appeals with a petition to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to stop the dying on the Mediterranean and to support state sea rescue. 


People are still dying while fleeing across the Mediterranean. And Europe Is watching, closing its borders and ignoring its duty to rescue at sea. Worse still, civil sea rescue is prevented from saving lives. Five rescue ships are currently being held on flimsy grounds. This is despite the fact that rescue at sea is actually a state task and all European member states have committed themselves by contract to respect human rights and humanitarian values. "Fortress Europe" has become a reality - and is causing great suffering and death at its external borders. 


"We no longer want to watch indifferently and inactively as the Mediterranean becomes a mass grave. That is why we commemorate all the dead fugitives with this requiem. With every dead person in the Mediterranean, our European values also perish! And at the same time we want to do everything to prevent further deaths. We are sending another ship," says Sandra Bils, founding member of United4Rescue.

Underwater music: Between Music

The Danish artist group Between Music stands for innovative performance art. The musicians usually dive into glass water tanks in the underwater concert AquaSonic.  From a multitude of experiments, in collaboration with instrument makers, scientists and divers, an extraordinary quintet was created: a crystallophone (played by Laila Skovmand), a Rotacorda (Nanna Bech), a drum set (Morten Poulsen), singing bowls (Moran le Bars) and a carbon violin (Robert Karlsson). Between Music also developed their own underwater singing technique for their music. The action in the Mediterranean was a premiere for them outside their tanks on the seabed, playing the EU Anthem; Beethoven's "Ode to Joy”.

A full version of the song will shortly be available at all streaming platforms

The initiators: United4Rescue

United4Rescue is the alliance for the support of civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean. The alliance unites more than 660 large and small organizations, initiatives, companies, associations and foundations from the most diverse social areas. Well-known alliance partners include the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), World Vision Germany, fritz-kola, the Coordination Council of Muslims and the Protestant Church in Germany. 


In January 2020, the independent, non-profit organization United4Rescue made it possible to purchase the SeaWatch 4 as an additional rescue ship. In addition, United4Rescue also supports other civilian sea rescue organizations, so that never a rescue ship can not leave port due to lack of funds.


"Drowned Requiem" is the winter campaign 2020/2021 of United4Rescue.



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