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work in progress

(TITLE) is an expressive, surreal journey into the complexity of human emotions. This part features composers and musicians from Europe, Asia and the Middle East to unravel emotional experiences and expressions that transcend language, cultural and ethnic differences. Is shame for instance felt and expressed the same way all over the world? Do we dream the same emotional dreams? Can we learn something by expanding our understanding of what it means to be human with possible different emotional reactions?

The core of this part is the oldest musical instrument in history; the human voice with its infinite possibilities. No two voices sound alike, and the character of a voice is inextricably bound to a human being’s personality and inner life. The voice gives is a gateway between the conscious and the subconscious giving unfiltered access to our emotions, needs and longings. The songs are melodic and expressive, with a strong emphasis on the use of vowels, through which we express emotions the most. Lyrics have a clear reference to the body and are inspired by dreams with strong emotional content.

It is a universal phenomenon for a song to trigger a tidal wave of emotions, memories and nostalgia. (TITLE’s) musical and visual dreamlike atmosphere traces back in time, inspired by classic Hollywood style, surrealist paintings and Jungian dream interpretation. (TITLE) unfolds in front of and around the audience as if they were part of a choreographed musical. The music is performed on old vintage instruments from the 1930-40s; we dream of rebuilding for example the Ondes Martenot, the first mono synths like Hohner's Multimonica, clavioline, solovox, or maybe even the old Novachord with its ethereal sound; living, breathing old instruments full of quirks and imperfections.

Collaborators include composers and musicians from all the great cultures, oneirologists (dream scientists), poets and linguists, instrument builders and philosophers a.m.

Pilot project

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