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Talk and debate - Climate, Art and Adventure in water
Talk and debate - Climate, Art and Adventure in water




Talk and debate - Climate, Art and Adventure in water

In connection with the underwater concert "AquaSonic", you can experience a conversation about climate change, adventure travel and art - and how we as humans can become better at caring for the blue planet with water as our teacher.


2024年6月01日 16:00 – 16:50

København, Bryggervangen 7, 1 sal, 2100 København, Denmark


Listen to the creators behind "AquaSonic"; the artist duo Laila Skovmand and Robert Karlsson in conversation with Cecilia Vanman, an adventurer, marine mammal biologist and expedition leader. What they have in common is that working with water has radically changed their lives and perception of the world.

Take an underwater journey with these deeply passionate people who have followed the siren song from the depths of the ocean. Through research, art and outreach, they share their insights in the hope that humanity as a species will gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the planet in a time of obvious climate change but a lack of political will for real action.

After the debate, you can talk to Cecilia Vanman and other members of the Women Adventurers Club and buy the book "The Adventurous Women".

The conversation will be moderated by author and journalist Tommy Heisz.

The event is a collaboration between FOF Copenhagen and CPH STAGE.


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