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vision description

(TITLE) is a futuristic performance concert featuring live interaction between music and the latest technology. We will work with complex musical structures, polyphony and conceptual texts. The musical and performative idea, moreover, depends a lot on the technological development in the coming years; but the ideas on the drawing board go beyond imagination and involve live hologram transitions, artificial intelligence and incorporation of the quantum computer.

The work revolves around the complexity of the human mind. We as humans have the most incredible brain, a wonder in itself, that helps us navigate as individuals, as species, as societies despite all the hardships and obstructions we face. It is our intellect that helps us think big, dream, invent, create and understand the world and ourselves. But our intellect is also always on its way to somewhere new; new ideas, new thoughts, new solutions, new plans for progress and growth. All of which potentially move us away from the here and now, away from a state of just being, away from the fact that death will eventually catch up with us.

Collaborators include brain scientists, quantum physicists, computer scientists, designers and many more.

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