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We lost everything in bankruptcy due to an insurance case!

Between Music Crowdfunding

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(only in Denmark)


 Support us to get back on track, to continue touring with the underwater concert AquaSonic
and continue developing our other beautiful projects.

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€ 38.328

Start completing our projects and continue our ambitious visions

for the future.


To be able to tour we also need insurance, legal advice, basic administration costs

First goal: €40.000

We know we are asking for a lot of money, but to create and to tour with complex projects has never been easy.

However, we have always managed to turn every dime to fulfill our ambitious projects.

With your support, combined with regular fundraising and sponsorships, we can build up our activities again.

The more we raise, the more projects we can complete and the better we can continue our visions for the future.

Buying back all musical instruments and equipment.


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Planned projects & Visions

We have a lot of projects in progress that we would love to continue and fulfill.

Projects that continue our investigation of water from different angles; scientific, mythic, symbolic.

Many of them were delayed due to the pandemic. 

But some are far in the process, and we are eager to fulfill them. 

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign, you can help us continue with our projects and visions for the future.