Bones of Bruised Houses

A pilot project for the theme Emotions. 

Bones of Bruised Houses' musical and visual dreamlike atmosphere traces back in time, inspired by classic Hollywood style, surrealist paintings and Jungian dream interpretation. The music is performed on old vintage instruments from the 1930-40s, and filmed in the sand dunes of North Denmark. The lyrics have a clear reference to the body and are inspired by dreams with strong emotional content.


Lyrics by Laila Skovmand and Neill S. Furio


Oh, hear my  words bore into my spleen

Sever  the connection between

Twenty billion brain cells and my cannibal mouth          

Which devours what’s left of my left arm

Numbness summons my right arm to action

Ripping my head off

Still hissing its serpent tongue

Asping incessantly


Birdless green

My pike-stuck head    

With readied arrow’s bow             

I aim, sharp and yet ...

The source of my screed

Poison kind

Leads the ceaseless attack

Uncording my spine


Limp body crawling

Over bones of bruised houses

over bones of bruised houses

And mounds of rust



My slaughtered town

With sharded mirror-mouth

Aghast, silent sound                                    

I shrink, slither and slip

Less my face

Through the cracked city wall                       

Where I lay down and wait                     


Sand mirage and caravaning

Incense dune

Mummied, empty of all matter



Numb body dangling

Over bones of bruised houses

Dangling over bones of bruised houses

And clouds of dust